METAKOV once again expanded its machinery, this time with fiber laser GENIUS LGf 1530/600W by Prima Power. It is a hypermodern laser with a power of 6000W and extreme work performance. This step has greatly supported a series of measures to increase production capacities. METAKOV currently has a total of 4 laser machines.

New CO2 laser PLATINO 1530/CM4500

At the end of 2017, a major modernization of the machinery was carried out to substantially increase production capacity. In the first phase, the next-generation CO2 laser from Prima Power PLATINO 1530/CM4500 was purchased and implemented into production.

New laser Platino 2040 New/CP4000

Company METAKOV s.r.o. has expanded its machinery of next-generation laser Platino 2040 New/CP4000. This machine replaced the original laser device Platino 2040/CP3500. With this investment the company acquired technological advantages in terms of faster and better quality cut.

Bending of pipes, tubes and profiles

Team METAKOV added to its portfolio the technology for bending of the tubes, pipes and profiles – focusing on bending of the round bars. This technology is represented by the bender ERCOLINA TM76.

ISO 9001:2008 Recertification

Organization METAKOV successfully recertified its quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The new certificate is valid since december 2013. With annual production of 1.5 million pieces, the higher standard is necessary. Successful recertfication by worldwide company SGS is a clear sign, that METAKOV processes are managed to maximize the satisfication of the customers.

New 3D laser

Another addition to METAKOV laser family is 3D laser system Adige LT652 for cutting of tubes, pipes and profiles.