Manual deburring machine

Manual deburring machine METAGRIND M01

Manually operated machine designed for deburring edges of sheet metal and metal parts after punching, laser cutting and HD plasm.

The working tool is a head with two positions equipped with a grinding wheel for deburring on one side and on the other side equipped with a lamella disc for blunting the edges.

The motor head is mounted on a pantograph arm mounted in rolling bearings, making it easy to position. The arm is complemented by an air cylinder that provides a simple and effective grip on the grinding surface.

Integrated smooth speed control allows you to optimize machining intensity.

METAGRIND is equipped with vacuum area with dimensions 300×300 mm, which is determined for working with small products. Integrated vacuum is possible to use for removing dirt after grinding from machine. Model with air cylinder simplify grinding process and provides effective pressure on grinding area.

  • Work table dimensions: 1500 x 880 mm
  • Machine input: 0,8 kW
  • Range of machine speed: 800 – 2000 ot. /min.
  • Diameter of rotating tools: 150 mm
  • Radius range pantograph arm: 2 m
  • The absolute dimensions of the machine: 1600 x 1000 x 1600
  • Machine weight: 400 kg.
  • Max. working table load: 200 kg.
  • Power supply: 3+N+PE, 3x400V, PEN, 50 Hz, TN-S