The metalworking options presently include a set of modern technology solutions designed to product precise parts by milling, turning, sawing and threading.

CNC Milling

Workpiece maximums

  • Maximum dimensions: 1160x560x560 mm
  • Maximum weight: 600 kg


  • CNC milling centers Pinnacle:
    • VMC630S
    • VMC1100S
    • 2x VMC1160S
  • CNC milling center DMG:
    • DMC 630 Eco


Precise division of materials by CNC sectional sawing machine:

  • Lexas LX-250NC (only vertical cut)

Cutting range: 250×300 mm

CNC Turning

Workpiece maximums

  • Maximum swing diameter: 290 mm
  • Maximum working length: 420 mm
  • Maximum weight: 115 kg


  • CNC turning centers (lathes) Leadwell:
    • type T-6
    • type T-8SM
  • CNC multi-spindle automatic turning machines (lathes) DMG:
    • 5x type SPRINT 20-8 Linear
      • maximum diamater: 20 mm
      • number of controlled axes: 6+2


Thread cutting using universal pantographic threading machine:

  • ROSCAMAT – M2-M27 capacity (M33 aluminium alloys).