Surface treatment

METAKOV company within surface treatments directly provides grinding, blasting (sandblasting) and powder coating in continual powder coating line with nanotechnology pretreatment.

Powder coating

Dimensional limits of powder coating line

  • Maximum width: 800 mm
  • Maximum height: 1500 mm
  • Maximum length: 2600 mm


Continuous powder coating line Ideal Line / IPO ECOLOGY

Coating line with the most progressive three-stage chemical preliminary treatment based on nanotechnology:

  • 1 hand pistol and 6 automatic trybo pistols
  • baking oven built for baking massive parts as well
  • continual line with high work performance.

Manual spray booth Ideal-Line (electrostatic)

Blasting (sandblasting)


  • Maximum dimensions of  the parts made of structural steel: 1600×1100 mm
  • Maximum dimensions of  the parts made of stainless steel: 1500×800 mm


Blast cleaning machine KovoStaněk TZ 2-5,5/11-16

Cabin hook-type semi-automatic blasting machine (spinning wheels) for components made of structural steel.

  • principle: spinnig wheels
  • abrasive: steel balls, SAE J444

Blasting machine Techno TM1500

Cabin manual blasting injector for blasting of components made of stainless steel – blasting with ballotini (small glass balls),

Kabínový ručný tryskací injektor pre tryskanie dielov z nerezovej ocele – tryskanie balotinou (sklenenými guličkami), corundum or other inert abrasives.

  • principle: air injector
  • abrasive: ballotini, corundum


Technology options

  • maximum sheet component width: 1100 mm
  • de-burring (particularly suitable for cut-out components))
  • precisely definable surface grinding of sheet components
  • surface grinding of stainless steel components(sanitizing)


Wide-belt grinder BS1100 RRBB

Continuous 4-cylinder wide-belt grinder for de-burring and grinding of sheet components of maximum 1100 mm width.